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Your Life Is Richer Than You Believe.

12 Commandments for a Healthy Relationship With Your Money

An endless numbers of people worldwide earn good incomes and yet struggling to get ahead financially. They are having many sleepless nights trying to figure out how to get ahead financially and bring health to their relationships with money.

“It’s just money, so why does it cause so many problems for so many people?”

The root causes of their money struggles is not mainly attributed to living above their means. It’s their money believes that dictated their financial decisions that lead them to overspending (under mountain of debt), not saving, Keeping secrets about money from a spouse/partner and those who have sound finances, but you still can’t overcome their anxiety about money?

Many people won’t have the ability to simultaneously:

  • Cover their current bills
  • Pay of their previous bills (their debts)
  • Save for their future (retirement, emergencies, etc.)
  • Maintain their life styles
  • And worry about the future

This a struggle you can do without. George kaadi shares his simple and unique step-by-step money management system to help you align your values, your goals, and your Cash Flow so can subdue your money struggle and transform your relationship with money to the healthiest it can be.